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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  August 12, 2012 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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find me on or tweet me right now and i love the debate. we are here every saturday 1:00 p.m. eastern and sunday 3 p.m. have a great weekend. hello. thanks for joining us in the news room. . we begin in egypt where the leader cancelled a constitutional decree issued by the army limiting presidential powers. ian is live on the phone with us. can he do this? we are hear already the officials are sworn into new posts. >> it looks like he can and he did. egypt's former field marshall was the most powerful in egypt
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and nowresident morsi is. you have a leader who has more power in the military. as it looks right now it looked like this is going to be allowed to continue. >> what about this constitutional declaration? does he have the authority to cancel it after the army imposed it? >> that's going to be the question the courts are going to have to decide and the supreme court. this puts morsi in a position. legislative power was given to
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the armed forces. he has power over the constitutionalal assembly, the body that is writing the constitution right now. if that committee cannot come up with a solution then it has to stand. then president morsy will have to select the members to draft the new constitution. he is in a very powerful position right now. thank you. back here in the u.s. in the race for the white house a packed campaign schedule this weekend for both candidates. on the republican side mitt romney and paul ryan are touring key states. jim acosta is there. >> reporter: with paul ryan a little more than 24 hours in his role as mitt romney's running mate there is a race to define
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the congressman with attacks being stepped up. mitt romney at two events here in north carolina described ryan as someone who came to washington reluctantly in his late 20s. here is what romney had to say earlier today. >> he planned on doing something else with his career but you know he looked at the country and recognized the real challenges we had and decided to go and try and make a difference. so he went to washington not to get along with everybody but instead bring new ideas and help bring people together on both sides of the aisle. he recognizes there are sometimes honest differences between honest people and he went there to change minds. he has done it. >> the obama campaigis rationing up its rhetoric. david axlerod said ryan is what he called a right wing audio log. as for romney and ryan they will
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be wrapping up their campaigning together in wisconsin as it is going as a homecoming for paul ryan and ryan goes out on his own in a solo mission on monday the same day president obama will be in the state. meantime the dnc is trailing the bus tour with a bus tour of its own. romney economics, the middle class under the bus. this weekend they pulled in to raleigh to stage the demonstration. the republican presidential candidate cancelled his appearance in raleigh. the mayor of minneapolis was there and blasted the gop ticket's tax policies. >> it's clear what we have now is a team that says that it is really a great idea to make massive cuts to the very, very wealthy at the expense of the middle class. >> president obama is scheduling
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a back-to-back campaign event this week. today he is in chicago for five fundrais fundraisers. athenna jones joins us from chicago. while the president's focus today is filling up his campaign war chest his campaign did make time to comment on romney's new running mate and what did it say? >> reporter: well, of course, yesterday they released a statement and today senior advisor spoke with our own caon state of the union and summed it up. >> it is to help further define the race. governor romney has embraced many of the positions that congressman ryan -- he is for the trillions of dollars of tax cuts for millionaires. >> reporter: and so there you have it. they are already linking ryan
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and romney or romney to ryan's proposals which they called erratical. he wants to shrink congress and they say this is someone who is going to have romney doubling down or doubling down on his policies that will help the rich and help corporations whereas the democrats and democratic ticket is geared more towards helping the middle class. >> romney has outraised the president for three straight months now. will obama gain significant ground today or is that the hope? >> reporter: they are certainly hoping to do that. the campaign is not going to be releasing an official total but they believe they will bring in around 3.5 to $4 million. the one we are at right now fundraiser that is about to get underway ticket prices start at $51.
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that is the birthday the president just celebrated. you can see the live pictures. other events today that cost as much as $40,000 a person. i should mention that the celebration they are having at president obama's house, one of the contests that they had is people can donate as little as $3 to $4 for a chance to enter the contest to come to this event. it is a sign of steps they are taking to raise money and rev up the hometown crowd and bring in the cash. the is the beginning of a tour of the midwest. he starts in iowa tomorrow on a three-day, seven-city tour. iowa is where it all began for president obama. and as athenna just mentioned president obama is scheduled to speak in about 20 minutes or so. we will be bringing that event live as it happens.
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a u.s. destroyer and ship collided this morning. the guided missile destroyer collided with a japanese tanker. no one on either ship was injured. navy investigators are assessing the damage but the collision left a huge gash as you see right there on the side. officials in iran say rescue operations are over after two strong earthquakes struck northwestern iran. at least 250 people were killed and more than 2,000 hurt. the quakes destroyed scores of villages and damaged historic monuments in that area and a series of after shocks followed the quakes including one measuring 4.4. to syria where the opposition says president assad's forces executed ten young men in homs.
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>> is in the city of aleppo a fierce battle. rebels are facing tanks, artillery and sniper fire in some areas and fighting to hold their ground against regime troops. at least 100 people have been killed around the country today alone. people from congressman paul ryan's hometown are weighing in on his selection at mitt romney's running mate. republicans and democrats agree on one potential problem. esent. it's the priceline negotiator. >>what? >>sorry. he wants you to know about priceline's new express deals. it's a faster way to get a great hotel deal without bidding. pick one with a pool, a gym, a great guest rating. >>and save big. >>thanks negotiator. wherever you are. ya, no. he's over here. >>in the refrigerator?
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vors are gettingeir first look at the republican team of mitt romney and paul ryan. first live pictures in chicago because they are awaiting president obama's appearance there. he will be off to iowa where he will swing through that state trying to secure support. meantime his opponents, the team romney/ryan are in north carolina trying to do the same thing. they are heading through a number of swing states from north carolina. they will split up. romney will head to florida and paul ryan will be heading to
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iowa and perhaps running into the president there. that on monday before the two will also try to carry on with their swing state tours of ohio. so a first-hand look one day after the announcement of team mitt romney and paul ryan. supporters are calling romney's selection a rather bold one. will it help or hurt with voters who are still undecided. joining me to talk about romney's choice is ron brownstein. good to see you. we are hearing words like risky, bold, etc. how risky is this? or how bold is it? >> it does capture both ends. a lot of team thought they would do a do no harm pick. paul ryan is dynamic, personable. america will like paul ryan as a person. whether they like his plan is something else. he energizes conservatives.
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his budget blueprint has probably done more to galvinize more since the tax cuts 30 years ago. but the plan itself is a very dramatic retrenchering in the federal role of the society. it anticipates federal deficits until 2040. it is about reducing the role of the federal government and including rolling back major entitlement programs that benefit the middle class. as a result this plan has never really enjoyed majority support particularly the medicare components. that will be a challenge for ryan and romney. >> that now alunates the camp particularly as it goes to elderly voters. many of the voters might be saying if medicare now then what's next? >> the ryan plan really has big
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changes in it. medicare now as it currently exists you go to the doctor or the hospital the government pays them for providing a service. under the ryan plan you get a check to go out and eithe buy private insurance or stay in the current plan. democrats say the way it is structured it would be difficult to stay in the current plan. republican voters by and large do want smaller government. they don't like transfer programs like welfare and food stamps that benefit the poor. there are a lot more blue collar who have shown in poling they are resistant to changing entitlements that benefit the middle class. it will be interesting to see if there is opportunity for obama to reverse a very dramatic move among white seniors and both
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about 65% republican in 2008 and 2010. >> this ticket better appeals to the base because everyone knows conventional wisdom has been that paul ryan has very much appealed to the conservative tea party movement in particular but not necessarily the base together. do they do that? >> i think clearly ryan provides a sense of mission to this campaign. it's about big changes in washington. the romney campaign had often seemed more powerpoint than passionate. i think ryan does give it a sense of mission. the challenge, as i said, is selling the plan particularly to independent voters. tlt are going to be voters we have seen a movement towards a more generally skeptical view. at that broad philosophical level there is an audience for what ryan and romney are talking about. when you get down to the specifics and are talking about
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changing programs that benefit 40 million people who rely on medicare and the families of the elderly americans that is much more challenging and it may be especially challenging with blue collar white women. they are a group leading republican. obama made gains with them. that is where the battle is won or lost for the ticket. >> i heard the word energized as it pertains to paul ryan. does the selection energize the obama campaign. >> president obama has not given us a very clear idea of what he would do in a second term. that is one area where ryan's selection will increase pressure on him. there hasn't been that much on the positive side to energize democrats about a second term. stopping the ryan vision that romney had praised earlier is something that can mobilize
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democrats, i believe. >> appreciate that. so you have the team romney/ryan trying to crisscross across the country. they are still in north carolina. and president obama is soon to arrive at this art center south of chicago, i understand. he will be trying to appeal to his supporters there and trying to collect a bit of money at a number of fundraisers scheduled before the president heads off to iowa tomorrow. people from paul ryan's hometown are reacting to news thereat he is on the republican ticket. athena jones has that. >> reporter: folks here in jamesville, wisconsin are reacting to the big news. >> i think he is an excellent candidate. >> reporter: the congressman who comes from a prominent local family is well known in this town of 63,000 people southwest
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of milwaukee. he attended school here, his brick home on a quiet street sits near the home of extended family. >> we have spoken to him in the neighborhood. just a down home kind of guy. he is in the labor day parade with his kids and his daughter was selling lemon nade. >> reporter: at a water ski tournament voters expressed hope that he will help win the traditionally blue state. >> i think he wants to get the country going where it needs to be going budget-skbz the economy. it also makes you feel good. i hope that helps some of the other people on the fence to lean on over. >> reporter: at the farmer's market just down the street voters applauded the choices for different reasons. >> inspired. >> why? >> because paul has a great
1:20 pm
vision for america and i think he is the right choice. >> reporter: some democrats say the pick many are hailing as bold and outstanding because of ryan's commitment to deep budget cuts will end up boosting the democratic ticket. >> it will be easier for the democrats. they are attack two birds with one stone. they are a fiscal restraint. read the records. they are going to gut all the programs for the poor. >> reporter: both attractors and supporters have good things to say about ryan. >> he sticks to his believes and a big advocate for the district. >> i think he is a hard working person. >> he is a man of integrity. >> reporter: one thing voters we spoke with seemed unsure of is whether the 42-year-old is ready for president. >> do you think he is ready to be president? >> i don't know yet. that is kind of young.
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>> while paul ryan has won this district seven times the state of wisconsin hasn't gone red in a presidential election in nearly 30 years and hard to say whether a romney/ryan ticket will change that. >> who is paul ryan? we will have details on the man mitt romney picked for v.p. today. deadly cases of west nile virus has one city on edge. authorities fear an outbreak across the country. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] you've been years in the making. and there are many years ahead. join the millions of members who've chosen an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. go lon insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. this is new york state. we built the first railway, the first trade route to the west,
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live pictures right now as they are poised and ready for president obama's arrival. they are in chicago. he has a number of fundraisers this evening, as many as five i understand where he is hoping to raise millions of dollars for his campaign coffers. meantime a deadly case of west nile virus has health officials on edge. nine people have died and 175 are infected in dallas, alone. authorities fear it could spread across the country.
1:25 pm
susan has more. >> reporter: since the first outbreak in 1999 new york city has taken to the skies to spray for mosquitoes. in dallas, texas, the outbreak is so bad officials plan to do the same thing this year. >> the isis a major outbreak. that is why we are declaring that there is a disaster here. >> reporter: scary words for becky dennis of plano, texas who was bitten by a mosquito on a trip to india and developed a strain of viruses. >> my left side was tingling. it was very hard to breathe and to swallow. and so i basically sat there wondering if i would make it out alive. >> reporter: the infection was so bad she temporarily lost
1:26 pm
sight in one eye. she still has problems with her sense of taste. for two years doctors thought she suffered a stroke. >> it is amazing that one tiny creature can take such a dramatic impact on the brain. >> reporter: she helps others who have been infected. >> it is disheartening knowing this many people are exposed. >> reporter: most who are infected never develop symptoms. less than 1% suffer severe neurological symptoms. >> i cannot drive because i cannot tell the difference in the length of the car length or anything like that. i have muscle loss, memory loss. >> reporter: experts at the center for disease control say west nile activity is a little higher and they won't know the full impact until summer is over
1:27 pm
nor are they sure what is causing the uptick. >> it is not completely clear what the factors are but the milder winter and early spring may be playing a role in that. >> reporter: in dallas nine people have died from west nile. >> this is a matter of extreme concern. we are going to follow the science and do wlahatever we ne to do to ensure the safest outcome for the people. >> reporter: with no vaccine and no treatment prevention is the key. wear long sleeves at dawn and dusk when mosquitoes are most active. if you feel flu-like symptoms call your doctor right away. and we will have much more straight ahead. president obama in chicago trying to raise money for his campaign. there he is right there, live.
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picking up a string of fundraisers president obama at the bridge port art center. >> in chicago we have a long way to go. all of us know friends, neighbors, family members who are still out of work or whose homes are still under water. too many folks are still burdened by enormous college debt. too many folks still don't have a sense that tomorrow will be better than today. and so the question in this election is, which way do we go? do we go forward towards a new vision of an america in which prosperity is shared? or do we go backward to the same policies that got us into this mess in the first place? >> forward. >> you know, i believe we have
1:32 pm
to go forward. i believe we have got to keep working to create an america where no matter who you are, no matter what you look like, no matter where you come from, no matter what your last name is or who you love you can make it here if you try. that's what it is at stake in november. that is why i'm running for a second term as president of the united states of merica. [ cheers and applause [ cheers and applause ] now, the good news is even though there are no quick fixes to our challenges we have everything we need to make things work here in america. we have the best workers in the world. we still have the best entrepreneurs in the world. we have the best colleges, the best universities, the best scientists, the best researchers. we are a young nation and we have the greatest diversity of
1:33 pm
talent and ingenuity in this room. chicago is an example of what makes this country great. so what's holding us back is not the lack of big ideas or good plans. what is holding us back is a brand of washington politics that says we are not going to compromise no matter what. it's grid lock and stalemates and dysfunction and it's an idea propagated by the other side that somehow we are going to grow this economy from the top down and that if people at the top are doing really, really well then everybody else is automatically going to benefit. now, this kind of top down economics is central to governor romney and it is central to his
1:34 pm
running mate. just yesterday morning my opponent chose his running mate, the leader of the republicans in congress, mr. paul ryan. i want to congratulate congressman ryan. i know him. i welcome him to the race. congressman ryan is a decent man. he is a family man. he is an articulate spokesman for governor romney's vision. but it's a vision that i fundamentally disagree with. my opponent and cngressman ryan and their allies in congress, they all believe that if we just get rid of more regulations on big corporations and we give more tax breaks to the wealthiest americans it will lead to jobs and prosperity to
1:35 pm
everybody else. that is what they are proposing. that is where they will take us if they win. this is not speculation. it's on their websites and embodied in the budget that the house republicans voted for repeatedly. the center piece of governor romney's entire economic plan is a new $5 trillion tax cut, a lot of it going to the wealthiest americans on top of the bush tax cuts. last week we found out that to pay for this $5 trillion tax cut not only would we see them gut education investments, gut investments in science and research, gut investments in things like rebuilding our roads and our bridges, but it turns out that governor romney's tax plan would raise taxes on middle class families by an average of
1:36 pm
$2,000 each. not to reduce the deficit. not to create more jobs. independent economists say there is nothing that would create jobs right now in that plan. this would be in order to give another $250,000 tax cut to people who are making $3 million a year or more. let me tell you something. they have tried this before. they have tried to sell us this trickle down fairy dust before. and guess what. it did not work. >> president obama there in chicago offering congratulations to congressman ryan. he says he knows him and works with him. he is a standout guy. he says he is also an articulate spokesperson for governor romney's vision, a vision that president obama says he disagrees with what he calls top
1:37 pm
down economics which he claims the romney/ryan ticket will be proposing tax cuts for people making $3 million or more. president obama this evening the center piece of a number of fundraisers this evening. meantime, this woman that we are about to introduce you to won gold as a runner in the 1968 olympics. today she is inspiring athletes as a chaplain. there are a lot of warning lights and sounds vying for your attention. so we invented a warning you can feel. introducing the all-new cadillac xts. available with a patented safety alert seat. when there's danger you might not see, you're warned by a pulse in the seat.
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hours alone. in an event today the u.s. basketball team beat a tough spanish squad. kevin durant leaded all scorers. usa leads with 103 medals and 45. china is second. american diver pulled off a shocking upset. he beat the heavily favored chinese last night. it is america's first gold since 1988. america won a gold in wrestling. britain won the superheavy weight boxing gold. a former olympian no longer hears the roar of the crowds but she is still a big part of the games as a chaplain. richard green has her story.
1:42 pm
>> reporter: madeleine nimz is a gospel singer and a chaplain at the olympic games, an arena she is no stranger to. she used to be a track and field star herself. she made history at the 1968 games. she got a pretty special pep talk before her race from the man who stood up to hitler and his racist ideology, jesse owens. >> he said listen, you're ready to go out there and do it. this is your time. go out there and get that gold. and i said yes, sir. and proceeded to do that. >> reporter: the 1968 games saw controversy in the form of black power protests but nothing like the second olympics at munich in 1972. the israeli team was attacked by palestinian terrorists. from the balcony of her dorm she
1:43 pm
could see it but it took them a while to realize what was happening. >> we all turned and ran for the door and blocked the door and nobody could get out. i could just imagine bullets riveting through my back. i was scared. >> reporter: 11 israelis, a german policeman and five terrorists died in the aattack. the race went on and so did mims. >> a couple of times i didn't run such good races when i was up in the morning trying to help another athlete deal with different issues. >> reporter: only later did she realize this was all preparation to become a chaplain. london is her seventh olympics as a chaplain. sometimes she says all she has to do is listen to athletes. >> let them think out loud and reflect. a lot of times they will say you
1:44 pm
have been so helpful and i haven't said anything. i'm like yeah. >> reporter: when they do need her to speak she has something to say. >> you are right where you are supposed to be doing exactly what god created you to do and it is okay. he is happy with you. >> reporter: richard green, cnn, london. ♪ >> as they say when in rome or when you are in london you have to experience tea time. it's tradition and as i found out from an expert there is a whole lot more involved. ♪ ♪ ♪ every mom needs a little helper.
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an experience while there my brother, olympian dad and i decided to opt for the trendy. we were shown the dos and don'ts. >> that's gorgeous. what a selection. >> beautiful. >> wow. >> wow! >> these are sandwiches with a real twist. new variation on the cucumber sandwich with asparagus at the top. look at this egg sandwich with the real egg. >> that looks too pretty to eat. you are supposed to eat the savories first and then work your way up to the top of the tower. we have fancies right there right on the end. i started from the bottom. >> that looks like smokes salmon. what are you going to go for? >> i think i have to try this cucumber because it is so
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pretty. >> i think i will grab one of these. do i pick it off the plate? >> yeah. >> thank you. all right. lovely. milk? >> yes, please. >> is that enough? >> that's perfect. >> now it is an issue of preference. color. d but not toogorously. >> no clankity. >> no. apparently you are supposed to place your spoon on the other side of the saucer in the same direction as the handle of the cup. never put your pinky out when you are drinking tea. >> strong. >> you can smell the smokiness,
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can't you? >> it's making me hungry because it is making me think of smoked salmon. >> it is an unusual taste. do you like it? >> yes. gelatin on there. >> looks good. wow. >> mine has jam in the middle. >> it was very yummy and tasty all of it top to bottom. kate maxwell joins me every week. you can find a lot more travel tips from her on cool destinations on
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in afghanistan three sisters were celebrating at a festival when disaster struck. a suicide bomber blew himself up killing at least 70 people and wounding 200 others. the sisters were among those badly injured. jim clancy has a story of their
1:54 pm
road to recovery. >> reporter: they are from afghanistan but for six weeks this summer they were transplanted to north carolina. >> translator: i liked everything here. i would like to buy everything. i love the beach. it was huge. >> translator: almost everything. i almost love everything here. >> translator: we got fat. we got healthier. >> you got fat. >> reporter: they're happy, care free children, but their story is full of pain. in december last year the girls attended ceremonies when men whipped themselves in repentance. a suicide bomber killed at least 70 people, many of them women and children. photographer won the pulitzer prize for capturing the after math of the explosion. in this photo you can see her in her bloodied yellow dress in the
1:55 pm
background. >> translator: it was afternoon. we were in front of the mosque when the bomb exploded and the next thing i knew i was bleeding. >> translator: there was a woman behind me. she was screaming. and then i fainted. >> translator: there was me and my uncle but she was lost. >> reporter: not just lost but left for dead. >> translator: a guy came up and took me thinking i was dead and zipped me up in a plastic bag and put me down with a lot of dead bodies. >> reporter: there three were wounded. >> translator: her head was in pain. she was screaming. her hands and body were hurting and she couldn't sleep for days. then i started getting headaches. >> translator: for the whole winter i couldn't hear anything. >> reporter: two charities worked together to bring the sisters to the united states. the christian group arranged host families and medical care
1:56 pm
in the charlotte area. they were part of a group of almost two dozen afghan children each hosted in a sepate home. her host lane and laurie west not much better. >> a slight -- it was hard to breathe, seriously hard to breathe. >> reporter: laurie took charge with a stuffed toy and a blanket and plent affof smiles. >> the universal language is playing and love. >> reporter: they worked with a physical therapist and all three girls under went surgeries to removetia rapinal. >> translator: a lot of positive changes in our bodies now. >> translator: it was hurting so much and i couldn't touch it with my hands. now it is fine. >> reporter: she told us her surgery in afghanistan left her with ugly scars but treatment
1:57 pm
here has fixed that. >> translator: when i came to america it got better. >> reporter: the sisters made friends and got to enjoy their new surroundings. >> translator: i like it here. i don't want to go back. >> translator: there is a lot of dust and i don't want to go back. >> reporter: lane and laurie felt the same way. >> 5 1/2 weeks into this thing i dread monday. >> reporter: laurie notes the program is meant to open lines of friendship between people who would otherinize nevwise never parting is tough. >> i can tell part of her doesn't want to go. she says me stay. >> reporter: in the end she did not. they are all at home again. we haven't used their last names to protect their families identity. she had her own message about
1:58 pm
the kindness of strangers. >> translator: i'm thanking everyone so much. >> reporter: solace will be looking to help other children in the coming year. six weeks in charlotte did change these sisters to be sure but probably changed their american hosts even more. jim clancy, cnn, charlotte, north carolina. back to presidential politics. president obama making his first public comments since mitt romney's selection of paul ryan as a running mate.
1:59 pm